Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Great Seasons of the Great Year

Solar System Changes

The entire solar system is changing, especially on a chemical level. It's a complicated story, but one that makes sense. Think of 'space' like this: there is no such thing as 'space'. There is no such thing as emptiness. Everything is held together by a common element. You can call it God, the Tetrahedron, Yahweh, ether, plasma, etc. We are literally swimming in plasma-like cosmo. The air we breathe, is like ether. As above, so below; just like we think fish breathe liquid, we ourselves are breathing in a liquid-ether. Just like we had once breathed liquid in our mothers' wombs, so we do similar in Gaia's (Mother Earth) womb.

Okay, once that image is demonstrated, I'll go into the more complicated stuff by drawing similar analyses.

Most people, including main-stream astronomers, will tell you that our sun is fixed in its place. Well, it's not. Our sun is orbiting around something else. Our sun is literally taking us on a journey that imitates the Earth's around the sun. 80% of studied stars are found to be in a binary or trinary system. This means, that a star will revolve around a second star, and a third star can be involved as well. Our sun is part of a binary system; and may be part of a trinary, etc. Ancient cultures, including ancient Arabia, say that there is a white/brown dwarf that we cannot see. Neither with the naked eye, nor with the use of conventional telescopes. This second star is described in detail by the Sumerians (The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh in the Land of the Living), the Maya (the Popul Vuh), the Egyptians (the Book of the Dead), etc. This star was and is still a big secret. The initiate's initiate's initiate. This is Osiris and Isis; Mary and Joseph, etc. The Dogon tribe (of Malawi) describes this star in great detail, down to its size, color, orbit, location, and characteristics. The Arabs called it Al-Wazn/weight. It is a small star that is so dense, just a small square inch weighs thousands of tons. It orbits Sirius once every fifty years. Sirius is Isis, Mary, Columbia. The other star was detected early in the 20th Century! It is called Sirius B. This is Osiris, the Father. Our sun is Jesus, Horus, Hermes, the Son.

Meet Sirius B:

Sirius B may just as well be responsible for our Sun's orbital path; just like Earth's around our Sun, Horus. If our sun orbits around Sirius B, then we would experience Seasons on a grander scale. Every year, we experience four seasons. Well, every solar-orbital year we experience seasons as well! May I present to you the fascinating ancient Yuga Cycle:

The Golden age is considered the age of the Gods. This is when we are closest to our binary star. This is an age/season that spans the longest, much like our summer. Is this when we are closest to Sirius B? Our sun feeds us with EMFs. EMFs literally keep us alive and taps into our nerve and brain function. It is the brain wave. It is the electricity that keeps us alive. Without EMF, we would obliterate in an instant. Sirius B, like other stars, also emits EMF. The closer we get to this star, the stronger the EMFs are; and therefore the more enlightened we become! We become like Gods, because we are Gods. We live seemingly forever. Peaceful, beautiful lives without a spoken word. We understand all that there is; we accomplish great, great feats; and we are creative, and one with the Universal Spirit.

As we move down (and farther away from Sirius B; or our binary (Sirius B is just a hypothesis), we enter the Silver age/season; or the age of the Demi-Gods. Our binary's EMF starts to dwindle, and we lose insight. We now have to revert to the use of symbols to communicate. We are starting to forget.

Further down the line enters the Bronze season (where Demi-Gods become Heroes), and finally at its aphelion (the orbital point farthest away from a star), the Iron Age:

Closest Approach To The Sun

The Iron Age is the Dark Age. The Age of Man, the age of materialism. We have forgotten everything. Like winter, we have become frozen, and we look dead. Man forgets about the cosmos. Man now has to use words and letters to express himself. Telepathy is now considered a meta-science. Anti-gravity and time-travel has also been branded a superstitious meta-science. We forget God; we live shorter lives, we stray from our spiritual selves; we become entrapped in the physcial world. The third-axis of the 3-D world. We become Ignorant, Egotistical, Haughty, Judgmental, Hypocrites, and Separated individuals. Is this what the Tower of Babylon's destruction symbolizes? Separating the one that connected all? Disseminating and confusing the one mental language into differing tongues?

Presently, we are going back up this cycle and are currently in the Bronze Age. We are going to see diminishing use of speech, letters, and language, and a re-introduction of symbols (hence, logos, emoticons, imaging-brands, etc). We are also making leaps and bounds in terms of technology. But, because this is the Bronze Season, this technology has surpassed our spirituality tremendously! It should be the opposite, in terms of poetic license.

As we move up this cycle, we will begin to re-discover things like anti-gravity, zero-point energy, God/the Tetrahedron/the fractal nature of our universe. We may possibly even move up a density: the fourth dimension. Our DNA will change! We will have extra strands! Maybe by as much as 12 strands of DNA by the time we reach the Golden Age, the glorious summer and Sirius B is at its most exalted, most high position.

This is what the Maya call the Great Year, the Indians call the Yuga Cycle. Is this what the Hopi call the 'Blue Kachina'? All the ancients obsessively studied the stars and had calendars put in place so that they wouldn't forget once we left our Second Sun, that elusive celestial boat.

The Stellar calendar was eventually replaced by the Solar calendar, and in Islam, was replaced by the Lunar Calendar. We all forgot. But, the Maya and Yuga Calendars were etched in Stone. The Egyptian Flower of life was etched in Stone so that we wouldn't forget. Civilizations, cultures, and tribes closest to nature passed on sacred stories from generation to generation, preserving what could not be taken down, burnt, or stolen.

The entire solar system is changing. We are heading to rebirth, like Spring. As of now, we are in a Matrix: everything is an illusion, like a dream. We are all plugged in, and we are all now starting to wake up. We are going to experience much cleansing, much rain. Our mother, Gaia/Earth/Ki, is nurturing us. Our father, Jesus/the Son/Horus is guiding us.

Some group out there knows about all of this. I guarantee it. And as we went down this Yuga Cycle, they went into hiding and created Brotherhoods, and lived a hidden life, full of occult/secret knowledge stemming from Atlantis, and then scattered to Egypt and Meso-America and, eventually, places like Tibet. Well, as we move up the cycle, there will be no more secrets, because everyone will become aware, and consciousness will grow; intuition will grow; the cosmic EMF will feed.

2012 marks our entrance into the Galactic Center. The mouth of the Dragon, the Womb, the Black Hole. Our sun is going to align with the Milky Way's center around the Winter Solstice of 2012. This womb is the bulge or dark rift in the center:

Half-view of the Milky Way. Bulge is on the bottom right:

To expand your mind further (and to trip you out even more), not only is our sun revolving around another sun, but that sun is probably revolving around another, and so on so forth down the line to infinite. Our galaxy revolves around another galaxy, and so on so forth. We are all moving somewhere new! This is precisely why our conventional main-stream science is backwards, rigid, and close-minded. We will continue to be dumbed down, if science does not shatter the box scientists put it in.

As above, so below to infinite: we are born (conceived) into our mother's womb, then born into Mother Earth's womb, born into the Milky Way's womb, born into the Universe's womb.

Ahh! Glorious results are achieved only when one thinks free! Indeed, we are the ones we have been waiting for!

"When using rational thought, only one door is opened. When using free thought, an infinite number of doors automatically swing open. Free thought breeds enlightenment."
- Native

The Greatest Image Ever Taken (so far):

Those are all galaxies.

"If we all looked up and wondered about the stars, we would realize that we are all in this together. And so, we are truly part of the One. That is true spirituality, which will never be found in any church, school, or institution." - Native



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