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The Irrational Concept of God: God is Misunderstood

God is misunderstood. Like gossip: the more it spreads, the bigger the lie, an outrageous story in the end.

It seems as if ‘God’ is far away, living in a heaven in some distant sky. As if He is a being. You pray to God, but do not feel close to Him. You are left hopeless. You cannot understand, and out of fear, you believe (convince yourself) you do. ‘God’ is unattainable: and so many dismiss Him if they do not fear. ‘Fear’ comes out of ignorance and cowardliness. You fear trying to come to terms with God will point to a realization that He might just be ‘made up’.

And He is. At least your irrational concept is. In fact, your concept is misleading and outrageous. God has been blown way out of line. There is no such thing as God.

In fact, there is. But He is not a being. God is the Theory of Oneness. He is found in nature (by ‘nature’, i.e. not only the plants and trees, but the solar system and the like). God is within all of us and around all of us. God is right here, almost like a force rather than a being. Or maybe He can best be described as an ‘existence’.

Part of the misconception of ‘God’, is the fact that we tend to think ‘micro’ instead of ‘macro’. As if the world is here just for our sake as human beings. As if we humans are the priority. We forget that the world is much bigger than we could ever imagine, and more diverse. We forget that there are many ‘plains’ in the universe, because we cannot see them (they can be intangible). We forget because we live through the lens of a microscope distracted with the minutes and seconds of our lives. Distracted by an artificial lifestyle.

The very existence of dimensional (parallel) worlds sheds light into a more comprehensive existence of God Himself (He, She, It: these terms do not matter). How do we know dimensions exist? Via the very real and natural topic of Physics.

You can ‘see’ these dimensions (or proof of their existence). For example, your shadow is Second Dimensional, possessing two axi: length and width (X and Y). Our physical existence is Third Dimensional, possessing three axi: length, width, and depth (X, Y, and Z). As can be illustrated:

The traits of a 2nd Dimensional ‘object’ (or whatever it can be called), or rather the characteristics limited by its properties (as having two axi) is a ‘gliding’ effect, where this object can move in straight lines and can switch direction (like our shadow). But due to the lack of the Third Axis, this object cannot jump up and down or even rotate.

As 3rd Dimensional objects, we can walk straight, turn, and jump up and down.

By looking at both these dimensional (‘parallel’) worlds, we find coherent proof that we do not have to ‘go away’ or ‘leave this planet’ to reach another dimensional world.

The 3rd Dimension can best be described as the ‘physical’ world.

Below, illustrated is what we find in the Fourth Dimension:

The Fourth Dimension consists of four axi: X, Y, Z, and ‘W’. We are not capable of drawing this fourth axis (at least of yet), simply because the 4th Dimension can be synonymous to the mind. The mind is intangible. Your thoughts, your dreams have 4th Dimensional qualities. The capabilities possessed by a 4th Dimensional ‘object’ is the ability to walk straight, turn, jump up and down, and disappear and reappear. The 4th Dimension is a parallel world in and around us.

Notice, in the above illustration, how the left-hand object when reflecting off a mirror (center), flips around. To Illustrate this more simply:

We can see that this object is actually looking at its real self: like how someone sees you, or you looking at a photograph of yourself. This is what our mind can do. On the other hand, when you look into a mirror, you are actually seeing the flip side of yourself.

By using our mind, we can disappear and reappear (your imagination, your dreams). It is like being behind bars and escaping without touching any of the walls or bars.

This is what is remarkable about your thoughts and your dreams, your mind and your imagination. You cannot describe it better than using the 4th Dimensional term. This is 4th Dimensional travel!

The Fifth Dimension contains a fifth axis that allows time to be nonexistent. Time is infinite and eternal.

Because of the complexity in describing the 4th Dimension, it would be almost impossible to describe the 5th, 6th, 7th, and so on and so forth (when does it stop?).

There is a pattern, though, linking these parallel worlds together (in some ethereal, surreal, cosmic way). As a 3rd Dimensional object, we can ‘see’ the 2nd and 1st dimension, and have insight into the 4th. The 4th Dimension can ‘see’ the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st dimensions and have insight into the 5th Dimension. A truly astounding concept, a real eye opener for amazing discoveries right within our very existence! This could very well imply that by accessing the 4th Dimension we could have insight into the 5th.

So, which Dimension does God exist in?!!! Certainly, God must be at the top or near it (probably, though, ‘He’ might be a few Dimensions above us). At the 7th maybe? Nirvana? Or could ‘He’ be at the 10th (where 7th Dimension + 3rd Dimension = 10th Dimension; 7+3=10)?

Is this why we cannot grasp this concept perfectly? Because, after all, we only have insight into the 4th Dimension. Certainly, God is omnipotent, because by being in a Dimensional (parallel) world ‘above us’, ‘He’ has access to all the worlds below ‘Him’. That is why God is not a being, but an existence.

Another interesting exploration: if our mind exists in the 4th Dimension, and we can find a trend from what we see (2nd), to how we look like (3rd), to who we are and how we think (4th), does that mean that the deeper we look into ourselves, we can find God?

You do not have to look around for answers you probably won’t find. The answers lie within your self. A true meditation!


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