Friday, April 25, 2008

Blog Description

I may be different from you and you may be different from me, but I am made like you and you are made like me.

This blog will cover vast topics, speculating science, reality, forbidden knowledge:

1. Alternative History, Philosophy, the Occult and Rituals
2. Time-Space/Dimensions/Physics
3. Ancient civilizations/technologies/jump-rooms (natural and man-made stargates)/the vortex
4. Forbidden archeology, psychedelics, nature, and technology
5. Astrology and Astronomy
6. Math
7. and my new interest: the unseen world and metaphysical experience
8. Native Americans and other indigenous peoples
9. Animals

Just about everything that is hidden. That seems to be my stairway to heaven. It's a never-ending story, but the deeper you dig, the more fascinating and colorful our world becomes, especially the idea of 'letting go of fear' and 'grabbing reality by the horns'.


1 Comment:

Aly said...

They must be putting something in the water in Maggie-Get-Down-olia


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