Monday, November 9, 2009

Engineering a Plague

(Swine Flu/Pandemic update. Read in between the lines)

Al-Qaeda cell killed by Black Death 'was developing biological weapons'

An al-Qaeda cell killed by the Black Death may have been developing biological weapons when it was infected, it has been reported.

The group of 40 terrorists were reported to have been killed by

the plague at a training camp in Algeria earlier this


It was initially believed that they could have caught the disease through fleas on rats attracted by poor living conditions in their forest hideout.

But there are now claims the cell was developing the disease

as a weapon to use against western cities.

I believe that this mutation in H1N1 spreading 'like wildfire' in Ukraine had been created out of a lab and DID NOT JUMP


Al-Qaeda microbiologists!

Now link THAT article to this:

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It emerged last night that border officials have been encouraged to "take risks"

TALIBAN terrorists may have been allowed to slip into Britain unhindered because of Labour’s open-door immigration policy.

In the engineered news:

Swine Flu Vaccine: Why You Should Stop Worrying and Roll Up Your Sleeve

Can pets catch H1N1 flu from humans?

Swine flu vaccination clinics set in Davis County of Salt Lake City, Utah

Paranoid parents bubble wrapping:

Monday November 9, 2009

"Tyler County officials decided Friday to shut down the schools after more than 33 percent of students in the county's two elementary schools were absent with flu-like symptoms, said Dr. Thomas Gilligan, chief health officer with the Wetzel-Tyler Health Department."

Is the swine flu shot as safe as regular vaccine?

NBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman answers your questions about the H1N1 virus

Central News Agency
Page 2
2009-11-10 12:00 AM

"Swine flu shots became available yesterday for babies aged between 6 months and 1 year, and a health official said that day that babies can get vaccinated for both H1N1 and seasonal flu at the same time.

Lin Ting, deputy director-general of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said the number of babies eligible for the vaccinations has been estimated at between 100,000 and 150,000.

This is with the shots available at 548 locations around the country, such as local county or city health departments and district health centers."

"...the vaccination has been in its full swing, especially since Premier Wen Jiabao called on, during his inspection visit to the Beijing Children's Hospital on Oct. 31, an energetic effort in fight against the virus by "encouraging the inoculation, but on a voluntary basis."

Ukraine and the flu

More news here.

Ukraine and Pneumonia(Black Death, Pneumonic Plague, Bubonic Plague)

"The Black Death was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, peaking in Europe between 1348 and 1350. It is widely thought to have been an outbreak of bubonic plague caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, but this view has recently been challenged. Usually thought to have started inCentral Asia, it had reached the Crimea by 1346 and from there, probably from black rats on merchant ships, it spread throughout the Mediterranean and Europe. The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30% to 60% of Europe's population, reducing the world's population from an estimated 450 million to between 350 and 375 million in 1400. This has been seen as creating a series of religious, social and economic upheavals which had profound effects on the course of European history. It took 150 years for Europe's population to recover. The plague returned at various times, resulting in a larger number of deaths, until it left Europe in the 19th century." - Wikipedia

"Pneumonic plague is one of three main forms of plague, all of which are caused by the bacteriumYersinia pestis. It is more virulent and rarer than bubonic plague. The difference between the versions of plague is simply the location of the infection. Pneumonic plague is an infection in the lung(s), bubonic plague is an infection of the buboes or lymph nodes, while septicemic plague is an infection in the blood stream.

Typically, pneumonic form is due to a secondary spread from advanced infection of an initial bubonic form. Primary pneumonic plague results from inhalation of fine infective droplets and can be transmitted from human to human without involvement of fleas or animals. Untreated pneumonic plague has a very high fatality rate." - Wikipedia

Flu Tracker

Complaint on the figures being reported on the Flu Tracker by a Ukrainian Quality Assurance Engineer

US Military prepares to close all borders under H1N1 national emergency

Man in Westwood, California

gets tear-gassed twice for

hours, bean-bagged, and

finally tasered for a phone

call he made to a radio


"We need to develop methods to get across the message that vaccines are safe and beneficial to society and we need to learn how to deal with the crazy people who are trying to stop us doing that." :

Author William Bramley finds out, after conducting extensive research on plagues throughout history, that strange anomalies occurred just prior to a pandemic. There happens to be a wealth of information and reports coming out of the black plague concerning strange beings and flying discs.

I am saying that the Black Plague/Pneumonic Plague/Swine Flu mutation was created in a lab, using advanced technology. This is certainly not something that grows on trees in a forest or jumps out of a pig pen in Mexico. I believe the same can be said for AIDS and Ebola.




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