Friday, November 6, 2009

The Keys to the Papal Door & Lady Gaga ...

More about Prince Philip, pictured at the bottom of the 'Lone Gunman' post and below:


Born in 1921, this guy has probably traveled every single day in his life on business (mostly personal).

Check out how far I can take this:

" In particular, he [Prince Philip] has devoted himself, since visiting the Southern Antarctic Islands in 1956, to raising public awareness of the relationship between humanity and the environment. He has published and spoken widely for over half a century on this subject." - Wikipedia

Read in between those lines. Hitler was obsessed with Antarctica, so is the Vatican, and so is Germa-- I mean British --- royalty. After all, NAZI scientists and Third Reich key players were also transported to Chile, the closest point to Antarctica you can get.

Isn't it strange that the Vatican owns an observatory in Tucson, Arizona? Chile as well .....

"This is our way of finding God." - The Vatican (specifically, a Vatican Scientist)

Picture that! Jesuit astronomers!

Their observatory in Rome, is the oldest observatory in the world (well, if you don't include Stone Henge, the Giza Pyramids, the Olmec/Maya Pyramids, the Temple of Jupiter in Baalbak, or good ol' Babylon). How many people did they burn at the stake before allowing Galileo to come out publicly with the theory that we live in a heliocentric system?

The Apache tribe tried to sue the Vatican for desecrating their Arizona homeland at Mt. Graham Tucson. Who's gonna win a lawsuit against the Vatican? Shit! They're manifestations of God!

Other observatories the Vatican owns....

Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, South Africa.

Kinda strange that they have to look up into Outer Space to find God.

Refer to the brief 'Most Disturbing Image' Post, before continuing...

Check this out folks:

That's the Vatican Coat of Arms. Those keys! Those keys!

Bishop's Coat of Arms:
Cardinal Coat of Arms:

Pope Benedict's Coat of Arms:
Coabxvi.png image by tinker2

Pope = the Door Handle
Cardinal = the Keys
Bishop = the Watcher

What's behind the door? The Holy See!

The Key:

This one's for laughs! Enjoy:

A NEW POPE (Pope Benedict's Inauguration)

Something to ponder: The papacy Pope Benedict's real name is Joseph Ratzinger. Papa Ratzi.

"Papa, Papa Ratzi!" - Lady Gaga.

Check out the vid below, and her 2009 MTV performance. Loaded with religious metaphors. She uses a lot of double meanings in her lyrics. Another song she came out with Poker Face, also has double meanings. Whatever, I'm sure you guys knew that. Something really dark about this androgynous-hermaphrodite!

The light, the sun, Lucifer, Jesus with the Corona/Thorn-like Crown. The second degree:

Wounded at the heart: The first degree. The crucifixion and resurrection: the third degree.

2009 Performance for Paparazzi.

The Freemasonic Pillars of Jachin & Boaz (compare to stage)

First Degree Tracing Board of Freemasonry: the White Checker, vows of secrecy, illumination. The Entered Apprentice.

The Second Degree Tracing Board of Freemasonry: in between the pillars are winding steps, the path up to illumination, the black checker. The Fellow Craft.

Third Degree Tracing Board of Freemasonry: death and resurrection, trust only in the brotherhood to act as savior, white checker. The Master Mason.

The crucified King with thorn like Corona/Crown.

More V's .... the vulva.

Compare to this:




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