Tuesday, October 13, 2009

V and the Doubles Phenomena

Things are speeding up, moving so fast I can barely catch up, and I may have an explanation for this below.*

Now, try to watch this trailer without any prejudices, and without getting 'sucked' into the drama. Look at the symbolism, notice the 'human' aliens, numerology, reptilian/Annunaki alien races (see the book Exopolitics for details on the documentation of at least 67 alien races in the US government), etc. I mean this is UNBELIEVABLY in your face. Second explanation below.**

Again, I quote:
"When using rational thought, only one door is opened. When using free thought, an infinite number of doors automatically swing open. Free thought breeds enlightenment." - Native

Truth is stranger than fiction, and that's a fact.

ABC's 'V' - Upfront Trailer - out on 3rd November 2009

*"The duration of the precession is often given as 25,920 or 26,000 years. In reality the exact duration cannot be given, as the rate of precession is changing over time. This speed is currently 243.8 microradians (50.3 arcseconds) per year which would give 25,765 years for one cycle to complete." - Wikipedia

This means that we're speeding up.

V was supposed to be aired in 2010. Why the rush?
The series will premiere on November 3, 2009, and air for four weeks, before being put on hiatus until March 2010. - Wikipedia

** Doubles have a major esoteric meaning today. Have you noticed everytime you look at the clock, there are doubles? Have you noticed double-doubles as well, such as 11:11? How about doubles like 9/11? Or, doubles like 12/21/20012? Or, 29 motherships = 11? Or, the letter V being a double = 22? Don't forget, two females as 'leaders' during the 'V 'attacks' of New York, home of the Double Towers on 9/11.

And check this out:

E! Online rated the pilot episode "on a scale of 1 to 10, we give it an 11."

One more important note, notice the honey-comb pattern on the mothership. The honey comb is the Hexagon. More on the Hexagon in my next post on Stanley Kubrick! But! Remember the hexagon is nothing but the perimeter of the 2-d Hexagram, or the Star of David. See below.

Now watch this pilot:


"They didn't just get here. They've been here
for years."

Wait a minute! Didn't H.G. Wells say that LAST CENTURY?
And didn't Spielberg reiterate that in his interpretation of
War of the Worlds?

This is a synopsis of the 'old' V:
Do you remember the old TV series V that aired on NBC? It was a science fiction seriesabout an alien invasion of Earth by a carnivorous raceof reptilians (wearing a human skin to fool Mankind) known as “The Visitors”. Now it's on ABC.

V's Poster:

Compare to NASA's Constellation logo:

V is also the feminine, representing the Vulva, and hence
why the 'leader' is female; and is also the Taurus and Nail
in Hebrew numerology (Vau, or Waw).

V is also part of the Freemason logo, the square bit of the
compass and square, the DOUBLE triangles.
Don't believe me?:


which basically symbolizes this:


in which, this DOUBLE triangle is nothing short of a
2-d representation of this:

the Star Tetrahedron encoded into the Kabbalah ... or GOD.
(look it up)

Something that Kabbalists don't want you to know.

The star tetrahedron is the fractal, the basic building block
to EVERYTHING in life, including consciousness. It is the
SINGULARITY. The Holy Grail of Physics. This has been
proven in Quantum Physics. It is the flower of life, aka, the
Vesica Pisces, another representation of the Vulva, the Yoni:

Aaahhh, the knowledge gained when one studies sacred

The Vulva encompasses the Obelisk on 'V':

Take a close look at this and compare to the all-seeing eye
on the logos above:

V The New TV Show

Now, in conclusion, I am not implying that this was done on purpose;
that's up to you to decide.

This is what I'm implying:

11 = "The Master Number": Highly intuitive, even psychic, this Master number is a channel between the sub-conscious and the conscious mind.




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