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The Coming Changes

In recent news:

NASA's Rocket Crash Might Boost Plans for Moon Colonies
Photo taken by Apollo 8 astronauts as they approached the moon in December of 1968
"Such a plan is part of NASA's Constellation program, whereby bases on the moon would be used for launching more ambitious manned missions to Mars."
(as if we haven't done that yet)

What's the rush? Is there some imminent global threat?

In this article, this question is asked:
"What is a sunspot?"

Well, according to award-winning physicist Nassim Haramein, who is putting forth as of this moment his Grand Unified Field Theory (the Holy Grail of Physics) is proposing that in the center of each galaxy, star, planet, and atom is a black hole. This means that our Sun has a black hole at its center.

Sound Garden anyone?

Example of a Black Hole inside the Earth:

Our third eye, the pineal gland, also acts as a Black Hole aka a Portal/Stargate:

Check out my brief post on our Solar System Warming. I sent those facts in an email 2 years ago, which demonstrates that Al Gore's patented 'global warming' being caused by our light bulbs is purely fictitious. Our entire solar system is warming up (and by the way, stay clear from those supposed energy saving bulbs, it's called BUSINESS).

Check out what happens in 2012. Sunspots literally skyrocket.


Here is a pretty good explanation on SunSpots that your Science teacher never taught (and probably doesn't know), with FOOTAGE OF 3 LARGE OBJECTS ENTERING THE SUN:

Just google 'water' on my blog and see what comes up. And, then take a look at my post on NASA's Constellation. And remember, to keep that in mind. NAZI- I mean - NASA is not out there to protect the public. They are out there to protect a small group of people. Because the Richest 2% own HALF of the world's wealth. But, I believe that this statistic is a fallacy. As a great man once said:

There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics - Mark Twain

Bill Gates is always being passed off as the richest man in the world, but I'm telling you now that there are trillionaires out there. How do you think the public would react if they found this out? You really think these guys give a shit about you?

These people could end world hunger, suffering, and poverty in an instant. Should a comet touch down or should some global disaster, such as a physical pole shift take place, you better bet on it that they are going to get the FUCK out of here with their buddies while laughing all the way to the Moon and Mars. There are other places they can go that they're not telling you about. (you'll just have to stay tuned for that one!)

Footage that reveals our sun's recent Solar Cycle events:

Immanuel Velikovsky, in his book Worlds in Collision, came to the conclusion that a comet entering our solar system every few thousand years causes massive destruction and a physical pole shift to Planet Earth. Is this why there seems to be some global dissapearance of an elusive culture in antiquity? The culture that constructed the Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge, and one that thrived in legendary continents of Atlantis and Lemuria?

Makes sense, when you take a look at this:

According to Velikovsky, this comet was last seen during the time of the pharaohs as the Hebrews, led by Moses, were leaving Egypt. There is evidence in manuscripts throughout the globe of some massive destruction where the 'sun' appeared to stay still for several days, followed by several days of darkness. This comet, during that particular visit, had passed by so close to our planet that a piece of it broke off causing the sea to turn Red due to the oxidization of elements found in the comet, as well as flames bursting into the atmosphere. Is this why those who follow the Bible and the Old Testament believe the world began in 3000 BC?

There is also clear evidence of something catastrophically bigger that occurred around 10,000BC.

Let's take a look at a comet TWICE the size of Jupiter that passed into our solar system from November 3 - 6, 2007.

Comet Holmes


Comet Holmes Approaching from the Constellation Perseus


This photo demonstrates what the Hopi call the 'Blue Kachina', which signals the end of the world as we know it:


The daily path of Comet Holmes into our Solar System


The Blue Kachina? Comet Holmes


"Holmes became notable during its 2007 return when it temporarily brightened by a factor of about half a million, in what was the largest known outburst by a comet, and became visible to the naked eye. It also briefly became the largest object in the solar system, as its coma...." - Wikipedia

However, this may not be the likely comet Veilkovsky was talking about, because
there's another MASSIVE comet that entered our Solar System in February of 2003. THERE IS NO CONCISE MENTION or DESCRIPTION ON THIS COMET. Read what Wikipedia had to say about it, then watch the footage and judge for yourself exactly what happened (or almost happened) to us.

"Comet C/2002 V1 (NEAT) is a non-periodic comet that appeared in November, 2002. The comet appeared with a magnitude of approximately –0.5, making it currently the 7th brightest comet seen in 70 years.[1] It was seen by SOHO in February 2003. It was calculated that the comet came closer to the sun than the Asteroid belt in September 2002. (Slight controversy arose when the comet failed to break up when it approached the sun, as expected by some scientists if it were a small comet.)

The comet was hit by a Coronal mass ejection during its pass near the sun; some rumoured it had "disturbed" the sun, but mainstream scientists dismissed this notion. After the comet left LASCO's field of view around February 23, an object was seen at the bottom of the images. Although technicians dismissed this as a glitch, rumours persisted that the comet had been expelled from the sun." - Wikipedia

By the way, not ONE picture of Comet NEAT on Wikipedia.

More liars:

Alleged NASA Cover-up of Menacing 'NEAT' Comet Threat is Pure Bunk, Experts Say

The same FUCKING liar:

Amazing Live Images: Sungrazing Comet Possibly Hit by Solar Eruption

This is what REALLY happened:

NASA's solar observatory has released a number of pictures of this comet, but those stopped just as a huge coronal mass ejection (an event which is to the hydrogen bomb as the hydrogen bomb is to a firecracker) erupted from the sun toward the comet. Some call these things "sunspots." source:

And this is what was said a few days prior to Comet NEAT's entrance:

"... Rand Corporation (government think tank) scientist, Dr. Geoffrey Summer, publicly stated that secrecy would be the best option if it were discovered that an asteroid were about to hit the earth: "Overreaction not just by the public but by policy-makers scurrying around before the thing actually hits because we can't do anything about it anyway ... to a large extent you are better off not adding to your social costs."

Comet NEAT


This video footage demonstrates just how lucky we are, and maybe, just maybe someone is looking after us... Scientists were convinced 'we were toast.'

First black hole for light created on Earth

The full-wave simulation result when light is incident to the black hole (Image:  Qiang Cheng and Tie Jun Cui)

"Now Tie Jun Cui and Qiang Cheng at the Southeast University in Nanjing, China, have turned Narimanov and Kildishev's theory into practice, and built a "black hole" for microwave frequencies. It is made of 60 annular strips of so-called "meta-materials", which have previously been used to make invisibility cloaks."

And now, let's come back to contemporary matters, so here's a sneak peak at something you thought was only possible in Orwell's 1984.

RFID Chip Advertisement

As if our Social Security Number wasn't enough.
Think about that for a second folks .... until then, may the Schwartz be with ya!




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