Thursday, October 8, 2009

Enlightenment, 2012, and the Swine Flu

Enlightenment comes from within, not from without. No one 'out there' in the nether is going to hand it over to you; not even Jesus, Mohammed, the Dalai Lama, or Buddha (no offense whatsoever).

Do you not know that 'Ye are gods?' Psalms 82:6 - Jesus

The Winter Solstice date of 2012 is our solar system's ecliptic path that enters the Galactic Center at its closest point, aka the Dark Rift, when the Pleiadian constellation lines up with the solar zenith from Earth's viewpoint over the small town of Izapa in Mesoamerica. And people should be aware of the fact that the Olmec civilization was far more advanced than anything being incorrectly associated with the Maya. After all, the Maya came after the Olmecs. Way after. Just like that mysterious civilization that built the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Not the Egyptians as we know them today. Some culture before the Egyptians that emerged around 10,000 BC and prior. Most likely of Atlantean and Lemurian origin where both the Children of the Law of One (Jesus, Joseph, Thoth, The Great White Brotherhood, Universal Consciousness, GOD, ascension, and light) and the Sons of Belial (aka Freemasonry, Brotherhood of the Snake, Templars, etc) emerged. On the nail's head with other Wonders of the World that were built at that time like Stonehenge, et al. These civilizations from deep in antiquity were far more advanced than we are today, especially when it comes down to spirituality. This is exactly what George Lucas' Star Wars is all about. Right in your face. After all, Star Wars is the greatest film to ever come out of Hollywood. Why?

The flu is a joke. It's just a fucking flu, and one that we jokingly call 'hog fever'. Of course, designed in a laboratory, and not some freak virus that jumped out of an unsanitary pig farm in the middle of nowhere in Mexico. Flu = pharmaceutical big bucks backed up by politics and the media. Surprise. Yawn. Swine flu sponsored by Novartis.




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