Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reality Changes, your DAMN VACCINE, & Glen Beck

In the headlines:

Current Climate Change Not Part of Natural Cycle: New Evidence Unlike Any Seen During Previous Warming Episodes Found in Arctic


"The 20th century is the only period during the past 200 millennia in which aquatic indicators reflect increased warming, despite the declining effect of slow changes in the tilt of the Earth's axis which, under natural conditions, would lead to climatic cooling."

3,000 images combine for Milky Way portrait

Image: Milky Way

"The data will have wide uses but should improve weather forecasts and warnings of extreme events, such as floods."


"Prof. Greenberg finds that because Europa has so many open cracks on its outer ice shell that surface oxygen would be delivered down into Europa’s ocean at such a rate the water could have a hundred times more oxygen than originally expected. Prof. Greenberg thinks the concentrations of oxygen could be great enough to support both microorganisms and perhaps even larger sea creatures!"

Moons of Jupiter:

Just like this news piece posted previously:

The new 'V' premiers November 3, followed by the release of The Fourth Kind on November 6, 2009. Check out my post on 'V and the doubles phenomena'.

And, here are two news pieces plus footage that'll make you want to rip your hair out in disgust:

Dr. Nancy Snyderman: Trust your government and get your damn vaccine!

Swine Flu Scam I and II.

Glen Beck's Backflip on FEMA CAMPS

MASS evacuation bus on the road!




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