Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Poles

Ahaa! Lookie here. What I found:

Click on this link for some crazy info on some stuff this company is dabbling with that you've never even heard of:

I have a feeling auroras on both poles, are NOT caused by the sun, but by something inside the earth. Let me explain ...

Look at this AD 1569 map of the North Pole:

Look at this still image of Earth's South Pole:

This can be applied to other planets:


Jupiter (check out those poles!)

Jupiter again


Saturn again



Something strange on Venus, the Goddess with her Breast-like mounds smack in the middle of the pole
Venus Express Double Vortex

Mercury (what do we have up there? Someone trying to black out something?)

Could it be these guys?

Or, could it be this ... a black hole?

Or, could it be both!

Because a black hole is basically this....

A portal, a wormhole, a stargate!

Award-winning physicist Nassim Haramein is currently solving the HOLY GRAIL of Physics, the Key, the RING: The Grand Unified Field Theory. And this formula says, there are black holes everywhere! In the center of an atom, in the center of us (the third eye), in the center of the earth, in the center of the sun, in the center of the galaxy, etc., etc. etc. As above, So below.

Think about that for a minute.... A black hole = the center (atom, us, earth, sun, galaxy, etc) = stargate = time travel. To see NASA footage of this at work, check out this post: The Coming Changes.

Trip on that. Fascinating stuff!




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