Thursday, November 5, 2009

World's Largets Pyramid DISCOVERED

World's Largest Pyramid Discovered, Lost Mayan City Of Mirador Guatemala CNN

Can't wait to read through the manuscripts which have to be
discovered soon, because not only is this a significant piece of
human history, it can potentially hold key information about
the Maya and the elusive Olmecs. Will we find more
information on the Calendar, or will 'scholars' take years to
understand it, edit it, then release it?

By the way, this city was NOT discovered recently.

This article looks like it was written by someone who hacked into the India Daily website. In case it gets removed, I've
copied and pasted here:

"December 23rd, right at the midnight will see the arrival of hundreds of thousands of advanced extraterrestrial space ship, the Mayan experts say after the newest discovery of Mayan civilization comprising of thousands of pyramids of the size of downtoen Los Angeles.

Will it really happen? No, say some. It will definitely happen anytime between 2012 December 23rd and 2028 December 23rd. The exact time is unknown. Five thousand years back, earth saw the extraterrestrial vivilization protect the human race from a massive cataclysm that would have ended the earth as we know today. They visited in thosuands after that ordeal. They are coming again to establish the Federation of intergalactic solidarity.

The massive pyramids just discovered in Guatemalla tells the whole story. Mayan reveled the largest secret of human civilization. The truth was submerged all these yaers because brutal Spaniard invasion and consequent religious supremacy and htred for the Mayan people.

The SPaniards came and hushed the real secret under the jungle for so many years to make sure their "God" is unchallenged. The truth is out now."




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