Thursday, October 8, 2009

Solar System Warming

I sent the below facts in an email about two years ago, which demonstrates that Al Gore's patented 'global warming' is caused by our light bulbs is purely fictitious. Our entire solar system is warming up (and by the way, stay clear from those supposed energy saving bulbs, it's called BUSINESS):

Mars: late 1970s - 1997 Cloud formation, loss of most of its dust, surprise abundance of ozone, emergence of plasma energy, unexpected 200% increase in atmospheric pressure (Hubble Telescope Website, Mars Surveyor Probe, NASA Director at the time Dr. John Savage )

Venus: 1978 - 1983 Amount of Sulphur gas decreased dramatically, globally (NASA Bollock and Grinspoon, Scientific American Magazine)
1999 Green light of
Oxygen increased by 2500%, which was not there in 1975 (Russian Venera probe)

Jupiter: 1979 Donut/luminous shaped cloud of energy around the orbit of Io (Jupiter's Moon) which was not there in 1974
1979 - 1995 Cloud becomes 200% brighter and denser and Io increases by 1000% in its ionosphere (where charged energy goes)
Io's surface is three times hotter than the surface of Mercury, increasing in temperature by 200% between 1979 - 1998

Saturn: Glowing Auroras in 1995 at the polar regions
1981 - 1993 Donut/luminous cloud energy becomes 1000% more dense




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